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The Battle of the North, Part 3 (北の戦乱 Ⅲ Kita no Senran III?) is the 51st chapter of the Claymore manga series.


The transformed awakened being lets out his challenge.

Miria and her friends realize the awakens have gotten the drop on them.

Six tapeworm like ribbons shoot out from the being. Anchoring themselves into the buildings of the town. Like a slingshot he is off. Landing in the middle of town he greets the citizens of Pieta. Then decimates them by lashing the ribbons around. Choosing some to become his meal of guts.

The ribbon by which he holds a girl aloft is cut. It is Miria. Ordering everyone into battle formation. The fight has begun.

Team Miria will tackle the transformed enemy in front. Team Flora the one on the right. Team Jean the one on the left. The other two teams are backup.

On the left tower the being notes that Miria is calm and experienced, a good leader. Still there are many not used to fighting awakens. He begins to transform.

Miria's team harries the first being. Cutting some of his ribbons. Jumping on and off of him. Moving too fast to be hit.

Flora figures of her five she will only be able to use three, warriors 39 and 47 being too weak and unreliable for battle.

She leaps to the to the rooftop. Prepares to strike the huddled being before it changes form. There is a catch. This being can manipulate Flora's yoma energy. Manipulating it to make her sword miss. Further he manipulates Flora's backup and she is about to behead Flora when Clare intervenes.

Using a power far greater than Galatea's he drops all four warriors to the roof top. He causes Carla's yoma to start surging past her limits. Carla cries out for everyone to get away from her as she will awaken.

Clare calls on Ilena's help and with her borrowed arm hails blows onto the rooftop until it is divided and the warriors fall away from the being manipulating them. While he is distracted Flora aims her wind sword through the back of his cloak.

Yet all she cuts is the cloak. The being stands tall, nude, and defiant on the remainder of the roof. Proclaiming he is having fun, he transforms and promises to slice them all to ribbons.

Meanwhile Jean facing her opponent, is chided by him for covering for her now fallen team mates. While he is insulting her leadership, he is startled by a near miss from Helen's long arm. The backup has arrived to help.

Undine's team also, joins the fray to help Flora's group. "All right you lot, let's put an end to this." declares Deneve.

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