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The Battle of the North, Part 1 (北の戦乱 Ⅰ Kita no Senran I?) is the 50th chapter of the Claymore manga series.


Traveling in the woods, Clare is being followed by Jean as persistently as had Clare once followed Teresa. Jean repeatedly pledges her life to Clare. Clare repeatedly gives it back. At one point Clare demonstrates how Jeanne's example of will even when her body had transformed help Clare understand how to control her quicksword.

Next, out of seemingly nowhere, a warrior with a star shaped scar over her left eye appears. Clare recognizes her symbol. She is number five, Rafaela . She asks which of the two is Clare.

Before the question is answered, Rubel shows up. Warning the two that Rafaella is special and more than a match for both of them, even while she suppresses her yoma. Rubel also relates Galatea's fate for being caught in a lie. Punishment duty, but no loss of life. Her talents are too valuable.

The organization is short handed. Jean and Clare can even rejoin and gain amnesty by joining a group of warriors in the north. There will be a fight to eliminate troublesome awaken beings.

The beings have become organized, they wiped out a party of warriors who had been sent after them.

When this does not seem enough to sway things, Rubel adds that Raki has been captured by slavers and sent North. Isn't that fortunate. That's just where your headed.

And it is. Clare with Jean stubbornly following arrive at Pieta, the first town in the country of Alphonse. Isley's territory.

Clare is greeted overly enthusiastically by Helen. Jean mistakes Helen's actions as a threat and responds. This get Deneve involved. It eventually gets all sorted out. But not before Helen and Deneve are surprised by the realization that the number 9 warrior is following the number 47th. In the end Jean apologizes for her part and Deneve chides Helen for being a trouble maker.

It is time to listen up. Warrior number 8, Flora, starts to explain the battle plan. She is second in command the battle will be lead by a lower numbered warrior.

As that warrior appears, she greets her friends. It is Miria.

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