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The Slashers, Part 3 is the 27th chapter of the Claymore manga series.

Short Synopsis[]

The male Awakened Being quickly takes out Deneve and Clare, but the surprising abilities of Helen and Deneve enable the two to recover and sever its limbs. These are quickly regenerated, while Clare also recovers. A lull in the battle allows Miria to explain that originally all Claymores were male, but these warriors were unable to suppress their Yoki energy as the females do, and all of them Awakened in short order. She also realizes something about her group before the Awakened promises her a "taste of true despair," and he leaps about to seriously wound Clare, Deneve and Helen. Miria then faces the Awakened One alone.

Detailed Synopsis[]

The Awakened One's First Attack[]

As Miria's squad face the male Awakened Being, Helen protests that an Awakened Claymore would necessarily be female. Before explanation can be given, the Awakened Being rips off Deneve's arm with his prensile tongue, dropping her into a river behind them. Briefly chewing the armoured arm, he dismisses it as foul meat. Helen angrily charges him, but he leaps further up the cliff and counter-charges. Clare blocks the attack and gets thrown into a pile of rocks by the tongue, as Helen belittles her. Drawing on her energy, Helen lengthens her sword arm, twines it through the Awakened Being's limbs, and severs three as she withdraws. The Awakened One's arms immediately reconnect, and Helen is only saved from its blow by Deneve, who has leapt up from below with her arm partially regenerated, severing two of the Awakened Being's arms as payback.

Miria's Thoughts[]

Miria is amazed that Helen and Deneve can use techniques requiring such high Yoki levels in the thick of battle. As Clare emerges from her rubble and the Awakened being regenerates, Miria explains to Helen that most warriors were male in The Organization's early days. These warriors were unable to suppress their Yoki energy, since energy-release is pleasurable, and Awakened too quickly, causing the Organization to adopt a female-only recruitment policy. The Awakened One compliments Miria on her extensive knowledge, but notes that she is missing an important point. Looking around her comrades, Miria is struck by something important about them, but the Awakened Being notes that it is time to give her a taste of true despair

The Awakened One's Second Attack[]

As it leaps up, and Miria shouts "Run!", the Awakened Being stabs Deneve through the belly with his forehand. He leaps away from Miria's attack and impales Clare with his claws, finally dodging Helen's extended swordarm and slashing her back deeply. All the Claymores are down apart from Miria. The Awakened Being then asks her if she can taste despair yet.

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