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Elena's Black Card 2

Elena's Black Card from Anime Scene 2, "The Black Card"

A black-colored card used by the Organization is part of a system to prevent Claymores from becoming Awakened Beings.


When a Claymore is sent "on missions", or on the day of a Claymore's "inauguration", every Claymore is given a unique symbol to identify her.[1][2]

This symbol is used in three places:

  • on the throat of her uniform
  • on a Black Card, which is kept rolled-up inside the sword hilt

When a Claymore discovers herself in danger of Awakening, she sends her card to another Claymore, usually a trusted friend. The recipient rendezvous with the sender at a private locale. Then, the recipient euthanizes the sender.

Being presented with the Black Card of another Claymore is normally a sign of great respect and trust between them, as Elena does as she and Clare comforted each other during their painful transformation into Claymores. It can, however, be a lure to a trap, as Rosemary did to kill Teresa out of jealousy.

Known Black Cards Given[]

  • Rosemary: Her Black Card is sent to Teresa as a trap to lure her to Godahl Plateau and attempts to kill her after Awakening[3].
  • Hilda: Her Black Card is sent to Miria via Ophelia. However, Ophelia destroys it and condemns Hilda to become an Awakened Being (Extra Scene 2).
  • Elena: Her Black Card is sent to Clare via Rubel. As they meet atop Mount Shire, Clare is reluctant to carry out the killing, but Elena insists.[1][2]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "Black Letter" is used in one early translation of Scene 4. The VIZ translation uses "Black Card."
  • "黒の書" (pronounced "kuro no sho") literally means "black book."


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