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Hunting Party

Dabi Hunting Party, from Scene 65, Joined by Souls 1

A hunting party normally consists of four Claymores of varying strength, their mission: killing an Awakened Being. Despite the presence of a single-digit Claymore, who is normally included, the hunt can still end with the death or Awakening of a party member.


Hunting parties are formed by the Organization upon request from the public (the current situation in Alphonse is an exception, where hunting parties are proactive).

Typically a single-digit becomes the leader of three double-digit Claymores. Due to the Normally solitary lifestyle Claymores have, its been implied that a hunting party gathered together had the tendency to frequently argue when working together. Few examples of team tactics by Claymore are seen, until the mobilization of 24 warriors by Miria in the Northern Campaign, where it became necessary.

However unknowingly to the Claymores, its been implied and later confirmed that Hunting Parties of Awakened Beings also doubled as a method used by the Organization to dispose of troublesome Claymores in secret. As seen with the cases of the Paburo Hunting Party and the Northern War, where the Organization notably sent Claymores who where either considered expendable or who where becoming too troublesome to deal with by purposefully sending them to go up against an Awakened Being they stood no choice of defeating and their annihilation was completely planned out.

Notable Hunting Parties[]

  • Unnamed mountain location: Hilda (leader), Miria, two unnamed Claymores. After Awakened Being is killed, Hilda and Miria promise to fight together again.[1]
  • Unnamed mountain location: Ophelia (leader), Miria, two unnamed Claymores. The Awakened Hilda is killed by Miria, who in her grief, almost Awakens herself.[1]
  • Toriro "Hunting Party": Miria (leader), Queenie, Clare, unnamed Claymore. Not an official hunting party. Presence of Awakened Being only suspected, not confirmed. Clare disobeys orders and engages non-Awakened Being Yoma alone. Miria and Queenie angry on arrival.[2][3]
  • Paburo Hunting Party: Miria (leader), Deneve, Helen, Clare. All four are almost killed, but fight ends with unexpected defeat of Awakened Being. Miria suspects a double-cross by Organization.[2][3]
  • Gonal Hunting Party: Ophelia (leader), Clare. Suspiciously small party, with only Clare and Raki as witnesses. After Ophelia tortures Clare and Raki, Clare escapes with Raki. While Clare escapes, Ophelia kills Awakened Being, then pursues Clare.[4][5]
  • Mount Zakol Hunting Party: Jean (leader), Katea, Raquel, fourth unnamed Claymore. Except for Jean, all are killed by Riful and Dauf.[6][7]
  • Dabi Hunting Party: Nina (leader), Clarice, two unnamed Claymores. All four defeated and nearly killed, but saved by five of the "Seven Ghosts".[8]
  • Unnamed river location in Mucha: Dietrich (leader), unnamed Claymores No. 28, 35, 42. All four are almost defeated, but are saved by Helen and Deneve..[9]


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