Alias: Gentle Sword Audrey
Audrey the Untouchable
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Audreyrank
Rank: 3 (Former)
Type: Defensive
Technique(s): Gentle Sword
Fate / Status: Alive
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: Seven Ghosts
The Organization (Former)


Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Scene 68
Anime: N/A
Other Information
Jap. Voice: N/A
En. Voice: N/A

Audrey is Claymore No. 3 of the final generation of Claymore. She is known for her trademark usage of the Gentle Sword technique. Audrey first make her debut appearance by battling Riful with the help of Rachel, but both were saved by the "Ghosts" as they were overwhelmed by the Abyssal's sheer power. Later on, Audrey choose to supports Miria with her rebellion against the Organization as she was touched and moved by Miria's action who spare her life.


"Audrey" is a transliteration of the Japanese "Ōdorī" (オードリー, pronounced "au-dr-ey").

"Audrey" is derived from the Old English "æðel" (noble) and "þryð" (strength). It was the name of a 7th Century Princess of East Anglia, England. This may refer to the claymore Audrey's chivalrous nature or simply to her high ranking.

The name "Audrey" also means "strong", thus making her Gentle Sword technique an irony to her name.


Audrey has long, straight hair, much like Galatea's and Irene's, both of whom were also ranked as No. 3 in their respective generations. She also has a highly feminine features, such as long eyelashes and a sultry smile. Overall, she could be considered as quite beautiful when compared to the rest of the Claymore of her generation. She has a pair of silver eyes, blonde-colored hair and wears the standard Claymore uniform.

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Audrey is a very well-mannered and proud warrior, making her the exact opposite of Rachel. She also has a strong sense of honor, as evident when Miria's attack on the Organization succeeds in appealing to Audrey's chivalrous nature. Her personality is a blend of Sophia's and Jean's, along with her relationship with Rachel being similar to the relationship between Sophia and Noel. Being a defensive type, she greatly fears death; when she and Rachel attempted to take down Riful, she became terrified and even urinated in fear once she realized the amount of Yoki the Abyssal One possessed and their loss of chances to win or escape.


Gentle SwordEdit


Audrey's "Gentle Sword"

Main article: Gentle Sword

Gentle Sword is Audrey's signature technique. She uses her sword to redirect her opponent's attack using minimal strength to create a defense which counteracts her opponent's attacks. She can also use it to magnify the power of Rachel's Strong Sword.

The Gentle Sword is first seen during Audrey's battle with Riful of the West, successfully deflecting some of the Abyssal one's blows and even re-directing some right back.[1]


Seven Years LaterEdit

Audrey is first seen battling against Riful of the West. At first, she was unintimidated and fought using her Gentle Sword technique in tandem with Rachel's Strong Sword.[1]Despite this, she was easily defeated. Both she and Rachel have to be saved from their imminent deaths by Miria, Deneve, Helen and Clare. Unlike Rachel, she was still conscious when this happens (something easily remedied with a swift kick in the stomach from Deneve).[2] In return for saving her and the hunting party, she answered their questions on Galatea, telling them that she still lived but had deserted the Organization.[3]

The Warriors' RebellionEdit

Later, when Miria attacked the Organization, Audrey confronted her with Rachel, but both were easily incapacitated.[4]Moved by Miria's mercy, she and the rest of her generation joined the former No.6 i

Audrey loses her legs to Cassandra.

n her rebellion against the Organization.[5] Along with the other Claymores and Miria, she battled the group of Abyssal Feeders sent after them.[6]

Following the appearance of the resurrected Hysteria, Cassandra, and Roxanne, she began to fight Cassandra alongside Rachel and Nina.[7]After being scratched by Nina, Cassandra activated her ability and cut off Audrey's, Nina's and Rachel's legs.[8]Audrey attempted to attack again but failed miserably, losing both of her arms.[9] Cassandra was about to kill Audrey, but Raftela prevented her from doing so using Sensory Control, redirecting the path of her sword. Audrey was then surprised and shocked when Cassandra's wounds reopen after she regained her memories, showering them both with blood.[10]

The End of the OrganizationEdit

Audrey is healed by Yuma after Hysteria and Roxanne had died and Cassandra left the Organization. She is stunned by Yuma's ability and is very thankful that she is still alive.[11]

The Second Battle of RabonaEdit

Afterwards, Audrey joins several warriors in facing Europa and defending the Holy City of Rabona. She issues orders and defends several lower-ranking

Audrey defending some lower-ranking warriors from Europa with her Gentle Sword.

warriors from Europa's attacks using her Gentle Sword.[12] Later, she stands with the other single-digit warriors in trying to hold up Europa and providing time for Miata to Awaken. When Europa's foothold on the ground and buildings is destroyed, Audrey rebuffs the Awakened Being by throwing her own words back at her, stating that now the creature is "just a target" instead of the warriors. After Europa regenerates her blades and begins to gloat again, Audrey reveals the warriors' true motives in engaging her as an Awakened Miata appears.[13]

Audrey rushes towards the Awakened Miata.

Once Miata appears, Audrey begins ordering the warriors and soldiers to fall back and use their strength to protect themselves. Along with the rest of the Rabona and Organization forces, she watches as Miata engages Europa. It is revealed that she is aware that Miata's power is comparable to that of previous No. 1's. However, she has her doubts that Clarice and Galatea will be able to suppress such a great power back to human form now that it has been released.

When Europa enacts her hit-and-run strategy, Audrey is one of the first to realize how well-suited the Awakened Being is to fighting within a city. She is also one of the first to realize that Miata is slowly losing control over her Yoma instincts, and, subsequently, she rushes towards the younger warrior, calling out for her to not eat the soldiers she has captured. After Clarice destroys her own body in order to bring Miata back to sanity through Yoki-Synchronization, Audrey is seen standing with the warriors in remembrance of the No. 47's sacrifice.

Return of the Faint SmileEdit

When Teresa of the Faint Smile is revived, Audrey is in awe of her powerful Yoki. When Teresa begins her final battle with Priscilla, Audrey appears on the battlefield with the other warriors and states that they intend to "sear this final Abyssal battle upon their own eyes."[14]



Audrey appears familiar with Claymore No. 5, Rachel. They are evidently good friends, Audrey teases Rachel and Rachel is seen screaming and crying when she thinks that Cassandra is about to kill Audrey. Rachel and Audrey are polar opposites like Helen and Deneve.


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