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Deneve, Helen and Miria, from Anime Scene 26, "To the Successors"

Alphonse is the northern region first mentioned by Riful.[1] It is a mountainous, hyperboreal land featuring a volcano.[2]

Also spelled "Alfonse." "Alfons" in VIZ translation.


The Alphonse region contains Pieta, Dabi and several unnamed towns, from one of which Raki escapes a prison cell, then meets Priscilla wandering outside. It is initially the domain of the Abyssal One Isley of the North.[3] Later it is the location of the battles of the Northern Campaign.

After the Northern Campaign and the victory of Isley’s Awakened Army over the Claymores sent to stop them, the remaining populace of Alphonse had either evacuated from the region or was killed and eaten by the Awakened Beings. By the time-skip of seven years, the Northern Territory was stated to have been completely abandoned, with the former residences who managed to escape not returning.

Due to this development, it was stated that The Organization had placed Alphonse in the bottom of their priorities, with the number of claymores being assigned to the region reduced and even then only the weakest of them was assigned to the area while maintaining the policy of keeping only a single, single-digit warrior in area.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • "Alphonse" and the southern region of "Mucha" may derive from Czech Art Nouveau painter, Alphonse Mucha (1860–1939).
  • "アルフォンス" is transliterated as "Arufonsu."


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