Teresa Acute Yoki Sensing

Teresa using Acute Yoki Sensing to foresee an in-coming attack from behind.

Acute Yoki Sensing is a special ability which everyone being part or even full Yoma posses. It deals with sensing the energy of the Yoma, the flow of it and can be useful to track the movements of whereabouts of certain Yoma or Warriors.It also Involves sensing the flow, size and movement of Yoki within a Yoma or Claymore, thus giving the user the ability to predict attacks and defend accordingly. Every Yoma or Warrior has a distinctive Yoki allowing for skilled warriors who are proficient at sensing to track a certain someone. Although this ability is possesed by every Warrior or Yoma, Teresa was renowned for being a prodigy at this ability as described by Irene when she, Priscilla, Sophia and Noel were dispatched to exterminate Teresa. Teresa showed sparks of brilliance regarding this ability as a kid when in one of her "escapes" having being a "Trouble Maker" as a kid. she sensed Rafaela despite having her Yoki suppressed to an almost non-existent level.   

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