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Abyss Feeders

"Abyss Feeders" from Scene 88, "Blind Hunters"

Abyss Feeders (深淵喰い, Shin'en Gui, literally "Abyss Eaters") are a weapon created by the Organization. They are created from the flesh and blood of Awakened Beings. Their purpose is to hunt down and kill Abyssal Ones, such as Isley of the North or Riful of the West.

Biology and Appearance[]

Unlike Claymores which are created with the flesh of Yoma, Abyss Feeders are created with the flesh of Awakened Beings. For this reason Abyss Feeders lack any semblance of human consciousness, driven only by a hunger for flesh and blood.[1]

The Feeders are blinded, have their mouths sewn shut (although they can easily tear these threads in order to attack or devour their targets), and only respond to nearby movement. They have sharp teeth and claws similar to ordinary Yoma.[1] They wear scraps of armor and clothing, some of which appears to be sewn into their skin.[2]

They are trained by the Organization to crave a single source of food. They are designed to hunt down and destroy Abyssal Ones, like Riful and Isley, by tracking their scents like bloodhounds. Abyss Feeders can neither release nor read Yoma energy, relying entirely on their other senses.[1] They can also be sent after other creatures as well, seen when the Organization dispatched them after the Claymores when they were rebelling.[2]

Only female Abyss Feeders have appeared in the series.[1] [2] It is unknown if male humans are used in this process as well, though there is no reason why there shouldn't be since Abyss Feeders cannot awaken.

Abyss feeder


Newly-created Abyss Feeders are at least as powerful as ordinary Awakened Beings; they easily maul lower-ranking Claymores but are no match for the likes of Miria.[2] However, Abyss Feeders increase in power over time, to the extent of killing Isley[3], and badly damaging Riful and Dauf.[4]

Abyss Feeders lack sapience, operating almost entirely on instinct. They only attack their assigned targets, unless in self-defense.[1] They are easily fooled or redirected against new targets.[5]


Abyss Feeders have no Yoki, meaning that they cannot awaken or otherwise use Yoma power. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage: Abyss Feeders cannot sense Yoki to track their targets, but are also impossible for Claymores to sense.[1]

Enhanced Senses[]

Despite being blind and unable to sense Yoki, Abyss Feeders can track their targets over vast distances through smell and can precisely detect movement during combat.[1]

Regeneration & Body Manipulation[]

Abyss Feeders have a nearly-unmatched ability to regenerate, outclassing all Claymores and most Awakened Beings, surpassed only by Priscilla. Abyss Feeders can be killed only by destroying their heads; any other damage will be regenerated almost instantly. To circumvent this weakness, Abyss Feeders are trained to protect their heads at all times. They appear to be able to regenerate indefinitely[1], unlike Claymores or Awakened Beings who will eventually run out of energy and be unable to regenerate further.[6]

Abyss Feeders have very malleable bodies, able to contort themselves to avoid damage[3] and generate weapons to attack or defend (e.g. spikes, blades).[1]


A squad of Abyss Feeders is mentally linked, sharing experiences and learning as a battle progresses. This ability allows them to fight with a high level of coordination.[7]

At any given time, the Organization tries to maintain 11 in the field. Dietrich mentions that the current 11 aren't the original 11. When their numbers fall in half, they are conditioned to return to the Organization. The psyches of the remaining Abyss Feeders are merged, such that newly-created Feeders all possess the same knowledge and experiences. In this way, the Abyss Feeders slowly increase in power, eventually becoming strong enough to defeat Abyssal Ones.[3]


After the fall of Pieta, 11 Awakened Beings of Isley's army attack Organization headquarters. All are killed by Claymores No. 1 and 2 (Alicia and Beth). The bodies are used instead of Normal Yoma to create a new type of "Claymore." It is unclear if the tissue of Awakened Beings is being implanted into human females. But the non-appearance of male Feeders is suggestive.

Dietrich mentions that the current 11 aren't the original 11. When their numbers fall in half, they are conditioned to return to the Organization. The missing-in-action are replaced.

While they have been conditioned to learn the skills of their prey, and spread the information to other Abyss Feeders, this seems to be a totally artificial ability only possible by the Organizations manipulations. Also, being blind and relying on scent and Yoki sensing, they are at a great disadvantage against opponnents that are surpressing their Yoki.

Hunt for Isley[]

During the Seven Year Time-Skip, the Abyss Feeders hunted for Isley. When Helen, Deneve and Dietrich travel


south through Mucha, they reached a town where they sense Isley's presence.

Dietrich warns Helen and Deneve about "Demons," but Helen and Deneve assume Isley is the "Demon." Ignoring the warning, Helen and Deneve visit the town anyway, hoping to catch a glimpse of Isley for a thrill. Isley sees through their disguise and attacks. Helen and Deneve fight for their lives. The Feeders interrupt the fight. Dietrich intervenes, telling Helen and Deneve to stay motionless, or the Feeders will attack.

The three escape, as the Feeders force Isley into his awakened form. He manages to slice a few in half but, thanks to high speed regeneration, they continue to fight on. They close in and begin to eat him alive.

Attack on Riful[]

The Abyssal Feeders lead Alicia and Beth to Riful. Together, they attack Riful and Dauf, one of the Abyssal Feeders ripped off part of Riful's head..

The battle was interrupted when the Destroyer shot out many parasitic rods. The Feeders chase after Riful, who kills some of the Abyss Feeders, but there were more who showed up. Unexpectedly, Alicia goes out-of-control, attacking and killing the Abyss Eaters. Nearby, Beth is unconscious, impaled with a large Parasitic Rod.

Yuma and Dietrich[]

Not far from the above battle, Yuma guards an injured Cynthia. Yuma detects the approach of Yoma-like creatures, morphing from the "Parasitic Rods." Yuma lures them away from Cynthia, but becomes trapped herself.

But Dietrich brings the Abyss Feeders.

After Riful is killed by Priscilla, the Abyssal Feeders lose track of their target. Dietrich finds them and uses a piece of Riful's dress to lure them to confront the Yoma threatening Yuma.

Dietrich reveals that Abyss Feeders are "immune" to Parasitic Rods (presumably because the feeders have no sense of self that can be taken over). Feeders infected by rods only lose the limit on their appetite. Instead of Riful, the Feeders now identify the Yoma as food.[8]


In order to prevent the defected warriors from reaching the Organization's


inner compound, a group of Abyss Feeders were sent out to engage them. Not having time to properly program them, this group had no specific targets and were simply meant to delay the rebellion's advance for as long as possible. According to Miria, they were to be considered more dangerous than even an Abyssal One. The difference in their power and the rebellious Claymores is great so only the single digits and the other high ranks are fighting them directly while the others are on support. In the end, the Abyss Feeders seem to be all defeated by the Claymores.


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